Best Places to Retire in Asia

How does one determine the best places to retire in Asia? Each country and each place in Asia has its plus and minus factors. As the largest continent, it is impossible to cover briefly, so we will limit it to the inferred Asia or basically South East Asia. On the other hand, each retiree has her/his own demands, expectations or requirements. For those who seek comfort and leisure – a pampered lifestyle on a value for money basis – the potential retirement countries to consider are basically Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and a few of the Pacific Isles. After living for years in South East Asia, we feel the best places to retire in Asia are in this area.

For us, the weather – basically 6 wet and 6 dry months – and temperature range is ideal. The area is rich in history, has interesting cultures, and friendly people. It hosts various world-known tourist destinations and attractions as well, and costs are reasonable. If active retirement is desired, there is a lot one can do in Asia. If retirement in temperate climate is desired, then the best places to retire in Asia are found in South East Asia.

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