Cost of Living in Asia

Please don’t be fooled by the cost of Living in Asia. These costs may, in certain areas, be lower compared to other countries. However, in most cases, these costs are based on the local people and fare. Americans, Europeans and Japanese will probably find the cost of Living in Asia in their style just a bit lower than in their home country, with the exception of the luxury of maintaining Domestic Help.

Naturally, if one goes for the local fare, or at least a combination of local fare and “used to” or home-type fare, the cost of living in Asia is substantially lower than in America, Europe or Japan. Rice is the principal staple, while potatoes are on the high or expensive side. There are various local fruits, as well as imported, at acceptable prices. Rent is reasonable, but in some countries, power is expensive.

In general, it is said that the overall cost of Living in Asia for Americans and Europeans is approximately twenty percent cheaper, while for Japanese up to thirty percent cheaper.

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