Estate Homes

Estate homes in the Independent Living category cover one (1) to four (4) bedroom units.

These start with a 73 square meter (778 square feet) 1 bedroom Standard Apartment (with common laundry area) and a 90 square meter (959 square feet) 1 bedroom Premium Apartment (with a convertible or fixed room and a private laundry area) in three (3) storey Buildings with ergonomic stairways. Priority for ground floor units will be given those with impairments.

Then, two (2) storey Duplex (or possibly Town-house) units, with a one car garage, are offered:

[a] 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 maids’ room with bathroom. Standard: 194 square meters (2067 square feet), Premium: 220 square meters (2344 square feet), and Deluxe: 233 square meters (2482 square feet), and

[b] 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 maids’ room with bathroom (or domestics suite). Standard: 239 square meters (2546 square feet), Premium: 260 square meters (2770 square feet), and Deluxe: 262 square meters (2791 square feet).

Completing the home offer is a two (2) storey Villa with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, separate dining room, patio, and a domestics suite, 346 square meters (3686 square feet).

All unit quantities are subject to demand.

In the Assisted Living category, two (2) or more complexes of fifty (50) to sixty (60) Cottages are planned. Each complex has a common facility composed of [a] an indoor exercise pool and Jacuzzi/Whirlpool, [b] a Club House with a Main Lounge, a small kitchen, a multi-purpose Lounge and 2 activity rooms, and [c] common carports. Cottages are 1 bedroom with assistant’s room and bathroom, 91 square meters (970 square feet).

All homes and buildings are designed for comfortable tropical living. A substantial amount has been adopted from old colonial homes – stone/concrete, large windows and high ceilings – which relied on natural cooling and good ventilation. Should you however require air-conditioning, your ceilings can be lowered to save on cooling costs. Where feasible, upper and lower windows (or doors with windows) are applied, with grilles and screen. Plumbing – and electrical – are surface mounted for easy maintenance. For safety reasons, bathrooms are equipped with showers and solid handle bars. Estate homes are in the range of 1’000 to 1’500 units per Country Club Estate.

All units are unfurnished.

Value for Money: Individual meters are installed for power and water, and charged as consumed. Cooking gas is per cylinder. Village telephone and emergency call & tracking systems are standard and included, however public telephone, cable TV/Internet, etc are at separate charge.

The future Attended Living category is the same as a home for the aged or care-home, with full time exclusive caregiver and full board. Alternatively, a full time exclusive caregiver service can be available in your existing Estate unit.

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