Expat Retirement Destinations

Expat Retirement Destinations are usually determined by the areas previously visited. The greater or better the memory of the visit, the higher the priority for such destination. Until the costs of living in such destination is considered.

Strangely enough, most Expat Retirement Destinations are in the temperate climate zones of the world. This, we are told, is because as we age, we tend to prefer the warmer climate. A report we came across a few years ago mentioned the primary considerations for Expat Retirement Destinations as (a) cost of living, (b) health services and medical insurance, (c) weather and climate, (d) transportation, (e) housing, facilities and activities, (f) people and language, and (g) cultural interests.

Having lived in Southeast Asia for many years, we strongly suggest you consider the Expat Retirement Destinations offered in this area. We believe you will agree that most of the primary considerations listed above are met. Your options are independent or individual living in cities, suburbs and resort areas, or in specific retirement communities.

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