Introduction to Asia

As Asia is the largest continent, we will limit this introduction to Asia to the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia. In general, the climate is tropical; i.e. wet and dry seasons. Temperature is in the 10-38˚C range, while humidity is in the 20-98% range. Most people from cold climate countries or the northern hemisphere look for this warm climate, specially as they age. While many places in Asia may lag behind more developed counterparts, these places appeal to the visitor as unique and even romantic. Among others, Wet and Dry Public Markets are a ‘must visit’, where local goods and bargains abound. Living costs are also cheaper.

The common introduction to Asia statement is ‘where East meets West’. As most Asian countries were at one time or another "occupied" by western countries, it is probably an accurate statement. Although the Asian customs, culture and heritage has been maintained, western influence – primarily British, Spanish and American – is evident. This is probably why westerners feel comfortable in Asia.

As part of this introduction to Asia, one will find a strong Chinese influence, particularly in South East Asia, as the Chinese were among the first global traders. The business and shopping centers in South East Asia, Singapore and Hong Kong, are basically Chinese.

For a detailed introduction to Asia, we suggest you refer to the All Asia Guide. Have a good day!

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