Japanese retirement in Asia

To us at Tropical Country Club Estates, Japanese retirement in Asia means exactly that. We will do our utmost to retain your Japanese lifestyle, although in South East Asia, within our exclusive retirement communities. One aspect of our retirement concept is to blend Japanese and South East Asian cultures. For mutual convenience, English is the official language at our walled and gated exclusive Country Club Estates, regardless of the national language of the host country. On request and applicable surcharge, Japanese could be selectively added as a secondary language.

Japanese retirement in Asia will bring to most in the retirement age the thoughts of tropical islands with palm lined white sand beaches and clear water or tropical gardens and flora or even winter-less warm climate. One may even picture herself or himself puttering around or sitting in her or his tropical garden sipping a sunset cocktail served by a private domestic as the perfect scenario for Japanese retirement in Asia.

At Tropical Country Club Estates, we offer you your own, exclusive Country Club where you can stay active and socialize in luxury. We also offer you 24/7 medical supervision and security within our walled and gated retirement community. Except for the availability of certain items within our exclusive village, you will get one of the best possible Japanese retirement in Asia packages and at reasonable costs.

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