Living in Asia

One has to experience living in Asia, also referred to as tropical paradise by some. Living along the shorelines is what comes to mind, with a beautiful white sand beach, sun rise or sun set and tropical palms. Living inland, however away from flood-prone areas, is probably a wiser choice. Numerous beach resorts exist to accommodate any craving for a stay along the shorelines.

Living in Asia means tropical gardens and flora including orchids, tropical fruits, and sunset cocktails served by your own Domestic if you wish. Living in Asia means adjusting to the Asian climate of 15-37˚C (60-100˚F) and weather of basically 6 months wet and dry seasons. Humidity range is 30-96%. As a foreigner, living in Asia means you have to adjust to your host country, people, culture, customs and language, but you can do this in style.

If you are looking for a place to retire at acceptable costs with all the luxuries of top class, pampered living, then living in Asia is your solution.

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