Retiring in Asia

Retiring in Asia, particularly for people from the northern hemisphere, is quite a change and must be carefully considered. Both good and bad aspects must be carefully weighed. Temperature and weather must be a primary consideration. People, culture and language are next. While most of those who are considering retiring in asia have actually visited the area, others are considering retiring in asia on hear-say. It is recommended that prior to any final decision, an actual visit be made to personally get the feel of the place you plan to spend your next few golden years in.

Big cities are practically the same in every country. Pretty much everything is available, thanks to globalization. And like all other big cities, beware of thieves, snatchers, con-artists, and other criminals. It is in the countryside that one can make an honest opinion of the country, people and culture prior to actually retiring in asia.

Is an active or passive retirement envisioned? Restrictions are imposed on foreigners, and must be considered. Immigration options must be studied. The economic and political future of the country should be given attention. After all, retiring in asia is your decision and you are probably looking at a long term. You will be much better off investing some of your time in research before making your final decision.

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