What you can do in Asia

It is incredible what you can do in Asia today. With low Airfares available to most countries, you can discover Asia at reasonable costs. Unfortunately, the point of entry, the Airport, is usually not welcoming and must not be taken as an indicator of the country. Once you have reached your destination, everything changes.

What can you do in Asia? You can simply enjoy smooth sandy beaches and water sports, or you can visit the various historical sites and tourist attractions, or you can do some good shopping at centers or markets. Bargains abound, but don’t let your self be fooled. Hong Kong and Singapore are the premiere shopping areas in Asia. Macau is the gambling center, although other countries have casinos as well, if this is desired. India, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, to name a few, are popular destinations for various different reasons.

It is practically limitless what you can do in Asia today. And what you can do in Asia is all at reasonable costs.

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