Where to retire

As a retiree, it is basically up to you to decide where to retire. Your criteria or expectations will guide you to the best place to retire with a little web searching. If you seek temperate climate and value for your money, you may wish to consider South East Asia, where I retired over a decade ago. It fit my criteria quite well, and I have no regrets.

In those days, there was no retirement industry, and I visited and learned about the places first. Finally, I found ‘my’ place and have been here since. Where to retire is definitely a personal matter, like a made-to-order garment. Are you looking at an active or a passive retirement? If you are looking at part-time work to augment your retirement budget, this is difficult in most foreign countries. I suggest you choose an area with other retirees with similar or identical culture.

With today’s evolving retirement industry, where to retire should not be too difficult and finding the most suitable place for yourself is probably just a few clicks away.

Compliments of Tropical Country Club Estates | Retirement in Asia

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